Are There Consequences with Vaginal Mesh?

Posted By Samuel on Feb 16, 2016 | 0 comments

While people of this day and age have plenty to be thankful for, with regard to technological advancements especially in the medical field, there are some exceptions to the rule. After all, though some laws are infallible – there are some new discoveries that simply have some flaws that go overlooked until they are too late. Sometimes, it can mean disastrous consequences for the people who inadvertently trust in the wrong discovery at the wrong time.

Take, for example, the option that women take with undergoing procedures involving vaginal mesh.

Usually, the most common reason as to why people would elect to have this procedure done is due to Pelvic Organ Prolapse or POP. This is fairly normal for some people who have recently given birth since the lining of the vaginal walls are made weak or stretched too thin due to the pregnancy. Though it’s usually solvable with time and plenty of bedrest, there are those who suffer severe reactions such as POP and that constitutes the necessity for vaginal mesh.

Some cases, as can be found in this website (, have patients who have claimed that the vaginal mesh has caused for them to feel agonizing pain when urinating or participating in sexual intercourse involving penetration. POP has also been known to affect the person’s bowel movements, as well as other effects that could prove to further degrade the person’s body if left further unseen or left without proper and sufficient treatment.

The thing about cases of this nature is that if cases like this are pursued, the help required would not only need to be knowledgeable with the law that surrounds cases like this but must also have sufficient knowledge of the medical part about these circumstances.

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