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International borders do an excellent job at immediately breaking the commonality of human nature between two people. Borders in the modern world create tense centers of conflict and can be the cause of key international incidents that panic civilizations. Also, due to strict regulations by governments, it can be challenging to apply and receive citizenship in another country other than the one the person is born in. The restrictions placed on granting citizenship are highly enforced and have become a crucial part of current American politics. With passionate rhetoric on both sides of the aisle, immigration status is one of the most discussed topics across all demographics.

In the modern world, a person’s citizenship can determine every possible area of their life. Their country of origin is a key determining factor in their interaction with the world. Certain countries in the world have specific sanctions that keep their citizens on their shores, whereas other countries’ citizens have a plethora of freedom of mobility. The United States is a good example for a country whose citizens can move across the globe with relative ease, but at the same time is extremely restrictive upon the people they allow into the country and even further, who they allow to become naturalized citizens. Many people are familiar with the relationship between the United States Government and Mexican citizens coming to America in hopes of a more bountiful life.

As a result of the focus on immigration in the past U.S. election and the threat of building a wall by Donald Trump and his supporters, tensions with immigration control have been on the rise throughout the country. In many cases, due to new protocols enacted by Trump and his advisors, immigrant families around the country are barbarically torn apart by U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement officers. Due to lack of citizenship in the United States, these people have been severely mistreated and in many cases abused by border control officers. If any individual finds themselves in the United States without government clearance, they would be best suited to seek assistance in completing the immigration procedures. This process can be long and intensive for immigrants as many are experiencing English as a second language. They are without their support network, often lack financial security, and have most likely dealt with very traumatic circumstances to reach U.S. soil only to be told they have no place here.

The dehumanization that goes on in the state regulated immigration process can not continue into the 21st century as it only further divides our populations. Hateful rhetoric spewed by right wing institutions must be dealt with at its core to avoid further racism within the country. Much of the U.S. system is widely influenced by public opinion, particularly the misguided views of ranking officials. Native and immigrant children must be able to grow up in a world that is free of immigration restrictions based out of prejudice.

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Marriage Counseling

Posted By on Jul 23, 2017

Though couples often enter marriage wildly in love, a variety of circumstances can change their relationship dynamic over time. Thinking their differences “irreconcilable,” many couples choose to divorce. However, couples willing to rebuild their relationship may benefit from the services of a marriage counselor, who can act as mediator and therapist for both individuals.

Therapy topics

As the marriage counseling expert, Kathleen Snyder, explains, relationships are often complicated by factors including the following:

  • Lack of communication: communication often deteriorates in relationships over time, and a marriage counselor can help pinpoint “how” and “why” this has occurred in the patient’s relationship.
  • Conflict and resentment: when a conflict drags out, it creates a legacy of resentment that needs to be addressed before healing can occur.
  • Drifting apart: as people grow and change, they may find themselves drifting apart from their spouse. Marriage counselors can help draw couples back together by fostering friendship and communication.
  • Affair recovery: affair recovery usually occurs in two phases—recreating security within the relationship and pinpointing the underlying factors that caused the affair to happen in the first place.
  • Differences in parenting style: oftentimes, parents differ in the way that they want to raise their child. A marriage counselor can teach parents how to reconcile their differences by combining teaching and nurturing.
  • Obstacles to sexual intimacy: a marriage counselor can help couples examine the emotion and physical factors that contribute to lack of sexual intimacy
  • Balancing work and family : given technological advancements, many employers expect round-the-clock access to their employees. If an individual always succumbs to this pressure, their spouse (and/or family) can begin to feel lonely and unimportant.
  • Strong emotions: marriage counselors can help pinpoint the source of strong emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, and grief.

Though these problems are all serious in nature, they don’t have to be permanent. If a couple is willing to invest in nurturing their relationship and working through their differences, a marriage counselor can likely help them make it through the journey.

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Motorcycle Safety

Posted By on Feb 24, 2017

Movies and televisions alike portray motorcyclists as daring and carefree individuals who have proven themselves by taming the electronic beast and, confident in their invincibility, charge down long asphalt highways at incredible speeds. Some individual’s enamored by this romanticized view of motorcycles may purchase the vehicle with these expectations in mind. Indeed, according to, some individuals purchase a motorcycle as a cheaper alternative to traditional motor vehicles. One should know several safety precautions before purchasing a motorcycle.

Because a motorcycle lacks the security promised by the body of a traditional motor vehicle, a motorcyclist must possess the appropriate tools to protect against injuries. The motorcyclist cannot afford to be impervious of the weather. A waterproof full-body suit, gloves, and boots can protect against the rain. To guard against potential road rash and other severe injuries, an individual must purchase a complete motorcycle gear. This outfit consists of several key components. First, an individual must purchase a well-fitted helmet that accounts for head shape yet still guarantees optimal field of view. Then a waterproof and windproof motorcycle gloves that are to defend against weather as well as impact injures such as abrasions. Lastly, the individual needs a jacket and riding jeans with appropriate padding to cover the vast majority of his or her. Finally, he or she must buy a nice pair of combat motorcycle boots.

These items will safeguard against the damages of motorcycle accidents, however, it is essential that an individual interested in purchasing a motorcycle is conscious of the top risks faced by motorcyclists on the road. The most dangerous situation faced by beginner motorists involves engaging in defensive driving. The individual must drive for two people: himself and the others around him. Drivers of motor vehicles possess blind spots that can put the motorcyclist at risk. Finally, the motorcyclist must also be aware of the conditions of the roads such as inclement weather, loose gravel and road-kill as such events can lead to tragic, fatal accidents.

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Posted By on Oct 6, 2016

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In the U.S., carrying auto liability insurance is a mandate; thus, whether you drive a car, a truck or a motorcycle, and no matter what your driving history is, whether it is marred by multiple driving violations and driving accidents, you will have to be insured.

Carrying auto liability insurance is the most common way drivers comply with the Financial Responsibility law, the law which requires drivers to prove that they are able to pay for damages resulting from accidents due to their fault. Other than having insurance coverage, compliance with said law includes any state-approved way of demonstrating financial capacity to pay, like: depositing securities or money with the state treasurer or filing an SR-22, which is the case in the state of New Hampshire; or paying the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the required uninsured motor vehicle fee, as in the case in the state of Virginia.

Where drivers decide to carry auto insurance, the type of coverage they need to carry depends on the liability system recognized in the state where they reside. Presently, 38 states, also known as “tort” or “fault” states, require the tort liability coverage; the remaining 12 states, also known as “no-fault” states, these are Utah, New York, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Hawaii, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Kentucky, require the “no-fault” insurance coverage (drivers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Kentucky are actually allowed to choose which coverage they want to carry).

Drivers, especially those who cause accidents, can lose their driving privileges and be required to carry an SR-22 filing if they are found without insurance coverage. An SR-22 is a certification required by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This certification is issued by a car insurance provider; it informs the state DMV that the driver who has been required to file an SR-22 has already purchased an insurance policy.

While an insurance policy can already put a strain on a driver’s budget, an SR-22 is an additional financial burden. Besides the SR-22 fee, it will also make insurance premiums more expensive and, sad to say, this will last for three years and may even be extended by a judge to five years.

Drivers, however, are provided ways to finding an insurance and SR-22 deal that is within their budget, thanks to independent insurance companies, according to the website of LaMarca Law Group P.C., these insurance companies offer various insurance quotes that would allow drivers to compare and choose the best policy that will fit their needs.

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