International borders do an excellent job at immediately breaking the commonality of human nature between two people. Borders in the modern world create tense centers of conflict and can be the cause of key international incidents that panic civilizations. Also, due to strict regulations by governments, it can be challenging to apply and receive citizenship in another country other than the one the person is born in. The restrictions placed on granting citizenship are highly enforced and have become a crucial part of current American politics. With passionate rhetoric on both sides of the aisle, immigration status is one of the most discussed topics across all demographics.

In the modern world, a person’s citizenship can determine every possible area of their life. Their country of origin is a key determining factor in their interaction with the world. Certain countries in the world have specific sanctions that keep their citizens on their shores, whereas other countries’ citizens have a plethora of freedom of mobility. The United States is a good example for a country whose citizens can move across the globe with relative ease, but at the same time is extremely restrictive upon the people they allow into the country and even further, who they allow to become naturalized citizens. Many people are familiar with the relationship between the United States Government and Mexican citizens coming to America in hopes of a more bountiful life.

As a result of the focus on immigration in the past U.S. election and the threat of building a wall by Donald Trump and his supporters, tensions with immigration control have been on the rise throughout the country. In many cases, due to new protocols enacted by Trump and his advisors, immigrant families around the country are barbarically torn apart by U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement officers. Due to lack of citizenship in the United States, these people have been severely mistreated and in many cases abused by border control officers. If any individual finds themselves in the United States without government clearance, they would be best suited to seek assistance in completing the immigration procedures. This process can be long and intensive for immigrants as many are experiencing English as a second language. They are without their support network, often lack financial security, and have most likely dealt with very traumatic circumstances to reach U.S. soil only to be told they have no place here.

The dehumanization that goes on in the state regulated immigration process can not continue into the 21st century as it only further divides our populations. Hateful rhetoric spewed by right wing institutions must be dealt with at its core to avoid further racism within the country. Much of the U.S. system is widely influenced by public opinion, particularly the misguided views of ranking officials. Native and immigrant children must be able to grow up in a world that is free of immigration restrictions based out of prejudice.

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